The School

14 April 2020

Ecole Minerva offers merit based scholarships to gymnasium students (must have completed 9th grade), or students who have achieved a higher level of studies and wish to obtain the CFC (Certificat Fédéral de Capacité) for the profession of Medical Assistants. Scholarships are also available for holders of CFC-Medical Assistants, who wish to enroll in the 1 year program leading to the “Maturity in Health and Social Sciences” in order to continue their studies to the Higher Education Institutions (HES). Scholarships could cover from 25% to 100% of tuition fees based on merit. (25%, 50%, 100%). Applicants should submit on line their application form by 07.31.2020 at www.ecole-minerva.ch/scholarships The finalists will be contacted by the Director of the School for an interview prior to the beginning of the School Year. The scholarships cover all years of studies provided that the students attain a general average of 4.8 / 6.0 Scale of 1-6, 4 = average and 6 = excellent ...

26 September 2019
Education and professional reconversion for adults

Our Performa sector provide in 6 months bilingual administrations courses professional medical administrator knowledges for clinics and hospitals. Next course from 5 January 2020 to 30 June 2020. Certified by EduQua ...

29 January 2019
ADVEP Schools Open Day

We welcome parents and candidates looking for information about our different courses, to meet faculty members and the school management. How to find us ...

28 January 2019
Performa-New Program Available from September 2019

Psycho-socio–aesthetics (PSE) course (continuing education) ...