The School

Message from the principal

Managing Director of Ecole Minerva

Since 1973 to this day my vision as principal and foremost as an educator has never ceased to evolve. Together with our esteemed faculty we have adopted an educational mission of continual questioning to ensure the School rests on unfailing values.
By listening to our students, their parents and physicians, we have learnt to innovate and adapt our teaching programmes to fit individuals and market requirements.Over the years, we have created new vocational programmes for the paramedic sector and through “Performa”, our modularized program for adults, we have enabled many adults to update their skills in the paramedic sector and enhance their employability.  Overall, we have issued over 3,500 diplomas for commercial and medical secretaries as well as certified medical assistants.
Our biggest reward is to see our graduates launching meaningful careers in professional establishments and we feel proud when we welcome the children of our alumni as our students thus nurturing a tradition, choosing a professional path with a human dimension. This trust can be seen in testimonies received: « Please remain in good health, dear Madame Director, as I also wish to send you my great-granddaughter one day!…. » !