Medical Assistant

Swiss certified Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training

If you are looking for a unique, recognised, versatile profession, then attend the Medical Assistant – Swiss certified Federal Diploma of Vocational Education and Training program.


The medical assistant profession is multi-faceted. It impplies working autonomously in administration, patient/staff relations, diagnostics and therapy sectors for medical centres, clinics or walk-in clinics.

Administration: File management, medical correspondence, “Tarmed” invoicing and simple bookkeeping.
Patient/staff relations: Patient listening, giving advice and liaising between patient and physician.
Diagnostics: Laboratory, radiology, tests linked to a specific sector.
Therapy: Outpatient care.


From end of August to end of June during the 3rd year, including the final exam period.
18 month in the school, 12 month of professional internship, 6 month in the school.


16 years old or over with 9 validated education years –VSG (general secondary school) or equivalent education.

Foreign Language skills – 2nd language (German or English).
Scientific skills (physics, chemistry).

The School runs a summer program to upgrade language and science skills (July-August).


– A preliminary interview is mandatory and takes place with the School’s management.
– An interview with a school admission counselor.
– A language assessment test may be required.
– A medical examination is mandatory

The relevant expenses are covered by the applicants .

Associated costs are the student’s responsibility.

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